Letters: Respect and integrity in Pitt

Letter writer moved by men washing cenotaph in Pitt Meadows.

The cenotaph in Pitt Meadows.

The cenotaph in Pitt Meadows.

Editor, The News:

On Wednesday, about  9 p.m., I was out walking my dog in Pitt Meadows.

As we passed through the Spirit Square area by city hall, I noticed two dark figures around the cenotaph, laughing and shining flashlights at it.

Expecting the worst, my dog and I approached them.

What I found both surprised and moved me greatly.

Here were two young, adult men washing the cenotaph.

They scrubbed each marble block with a hand brush and hosed it off; all the while enjoying themselves immensely.

I thanked them and wished them well.  They enthusiastically did the same.

They remain anonymous to me, and I suspect they prefer it that way, but they renewed my faith in our community and troubled world.

Thank you, gentlemen. You have honoured our fallen and you exemplify the best of our future. I salute you.

Don Jolley, fire chief

City of Pitt Meadows