Letters: South Bonson development in OCP

These people knew an empty lot would bring in ‘the build’.

Editor, The News:

Re” ‘Welcome to the community’ (Letters, Nov. 9).

Kudos to Linda Nelson for telling it like it is.

What she speaks of is so true.

I urge the people north, west and east of south Bonson to speak up and do their due diligence in support of getting this job done and out of our way now.

These people knew when they bought their homes in south Pitt Meadows that an empty lot would bring in ‘the build’ eventually and the OCP approved this area in question years ago.

This whole issue is being stirred up by previous politicians, some current and their friends who have an axe to grind.

Shame on you few and you know who you are, for taking time away from actual city business and council’s time just for yourselves when the bulk of the city is saying grow up and move if you don’t like your lives here.

Barbara Stewart

Pitt Meadows