Letters: thanks to Maple Ridge MLAs Bing and Dalton

Medical Service Plan premium, up: BC Hydro rates, up

Editor, The News:

Thank you, MLAs Doug Bing and Marc Dalton.

Today I received my MSP invoice and see I have a $14  amount to pay, as my normal $136 monthly amount didn’t cover it.

That is a 10.3-per-cent increase.

No wonder we are having issues with homelessness in B.C.

Next, I await the four-per-cent increase in B.C. Hydro rates.

We need to pay for the Site C dam somehow.

Wonder what Hydro bills are going to become over the next 70 years, which is how long B.C. Hydro states it will be before it even breaks even, based on the original $8.8-billion assessment, which is already $300 million over budget and growing daily.

Anyhow, I thank the both of you, for looking out for us members of society who are not quite at the stage of homelessness, yet.

You guys are the best. My pockets have never been lighter, and maybe now I can enjoy my retirement a little more instead of running around with the wife shopping all the time. We’ll actually get to stay home and eat again. It may be a cat food diet, though.

Merry Christmas, enjoy your large paycheques …

I wait with baited breath to my new home whenever you guys get it built.

Eric O’Connor

Maple Ridge