Letters: Turn the heat on at hockey rink

Grandparents find it very cold to sit and watch a game without heat.

Editor, The News:

I attended the Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey year-end tournament on the weekend and found that the heaters had been shut off.

There are a fair number of grandparents who come to watch their grandchildren play hockey and they find it very cold to sit and watch a game without heat.

I was embarrassed, to say the least, when we have a fair number of visiting teams from out of town.

What a way to treat visitors, let alone your own community by not supplying any heat.

The operators use the excuse that it affects the ice condition, which I have to laugh at, this time of the year.

I am bringing this up because it happens often at Planet Ice.

The taxpayers in this community pay for this complex and that means having the heat turned on when there are games in progress.

I was also disappointed that the minor hockey organization seems to do nothing about it, as well.

It pays a high premium for ice and the heat should be on.

This is only one of several problems with this ice rink.

That’s why I think it should be run by the City of Maple Ridge, not a private contractor.

Jim Eaton

Maple Ridge


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