Letters: What Coun. Ashlie isn’t saying

She didn’t mention that she was well aware that Coun. Bell was under budget for the three-year period.

Editor, The News:

Re: Take ownership of expenses (Letters, Feb. 7)

If we look at Coun. Cheryl Ashlie’s statements recently, I find what she is not saying to be very interesting.

Ms. Ashlie attacked Coun. Corisa Bell for overspending, but didn’t mention that she was well aware that Ms. Bell was under budget for the three-year period (her latest letter to the editor proves this point).

She and Mayor Ernie Daykin (who Ms. Ashlie openly supports for mayor) also failed to mention that the mayor himself spent over his spending limit in 2012.

It’s what Coun. Ashlie is not telling us that is so interesting.

She says that she hadn’t previously reviewed other councillors’ spending, but didn’t mention that the policy she helped create in 2009 states it is her job to review other councillors expenditures yearly.

Ms. Ashlie says that councillors shouldn’t expense tickets to fundraising or networking events.

She neglected to mention that this term she has attended: Haney Rotary ‘Girls Night in Vegas’ fundraiser; Ridge Meadows South Asian Cultural Society fundraiser; Maple Ridge  Community Foundation golf fundraising tournament; Ridge Meadows  Hospital gala fundraiser; and  UBCM conference twice.

Ms. Ashlie states that everything after 7 p.m. at conferences is just partying,

What she is not saying is how she knows that.

Having attended numerous council meetings, I have seen the personal differences between Ms. Ashlie and Ms. Bell.

Now it seems that all of these allegations are without merit.

Could it be as simple as someone’s best before date has been reached?

I’m open to another interpretation, but I fear there is none.

Gary J. Graham

Maple Ridge