Letters: What else will elected representatives ask for?

Why is it just Metro instead of the Lower Mainland?

Editor, The News:

As like many of my friends, I was on the fence with my vote for the transportation plebiscite, until I have received a pamphlet from Elections B.C., explaining the procedures.

From the pamphlet, I have learned, that people living in small Metro areas, such as Bowen Island and Lions Bay will be able to vote (and pay the additional taxes, should the yes side wins), but larger cities east of Langley and Maple Ridge will not be.

Judging from the daily traffic congestions on Highway 1 and Lougheed corridor, people travelling from these areas surely contribute to traffic problems way more that people living on Bowen Island or Lions Bay.

It is simply not fair.

Why is it just Metro instead of the Lower Mainland?

I would not mind paying even more than 0.5 per cent in extra taxes, if I saw major changes to TransLink, a detailed plan of what will be done and when.

There is a lot of many wasted within the current system.

And why are we being asked to decide the issue, which shall be managed by our elected representatives.

What else will they ask in future?

Jerry Potucek

Maple Ridge