Letters: ‘When good people do nothing’

The location at 21375 Lougheed Hwy. in Maple Ridge was quite suitable for supportive housing.

Re: Maple Ridge MLAs announce ‘intensive case management team’ for homeless.

The current homeless situation in Maple Ridge is what happens when good people do nothing.

The location at 21375 Lougheed Hwy. was quite suitable for supportive housing as it is on a transit line, is directly across from the hospital, and behind this property is a cemetery.

Yes, there is a daycare beside this property, which is already fenced around the playground. Children are delivered and picked up by their parents. The children are never allowed to walk down Lougheed Highway alone.

What is the problem?

There is also a daycare within two blocks from the Salvation Army. Are these children less important?

MLAs Marc Dalton and Doug Bing have chosen to sacrifice the downtown businesses and residents.

Yes, they are closing the temporary shelter at 22239 Lougheed Hwy., and they are moving them 200 feet, to a new warehouse at the Salvation Army site – once again doing nothing towards finding proper housing for this population.

They have allowed a few signatures on a petition to push them to do nothing to help these people.

Apparently, they are unaware of the health crisis facing this population and the dangers our first responders are dealing with on a daily basis.

As the election is only three months away, these gentlemen should start looking for new jobs as Maple Ridge residents are sure to reject their re-election.

L. McRae

Maple Ridge