Letters: Will not vote for Pitt Meadows mayor

Letter writer says would vote for Daffy Duck before voting for current mayor again.

Editor, The News:

First I must emphasize that I’m all for industrial parks, however to put one in the most fertile, beautiful part of Pitt Meadows is totally disgraceful.

I moved to Pitt Meadows because it is such a beautiful, liveable city.

Now, we have a mayor and council that are determined to destroy the most liveable part of the Lower Mainland. I can hardly wait for the next election to vote against this mayor and council.  I would vote for Daffy Duck before ever voting for this lot again.

It reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s song which mentions paving paradise. The citizens of Pitt Meadows will not know what they had till it’s gone.

Jerry Wood

Pitt Meadows