Light rail would make sense

Maple Ridge doesn't seem to get it and West Coast Express already crowded

Editor, The News:

Re: Light rail not in new transport plan (The News, April 10).

Once again Maple Ridge disappoints.

This is definitely, a municipality run by people who have no clue about growth. How can they not have light rail in the transport plan?

Or is it that these people think it just makes more sense to keep building houses and over pack our schools and roads?

I have been here five years, pay high property tax for an area that relies on driving everywhere. We still have no bus up in Silver Ridge or sidewalks going down 232nd Street.

The district wants to build houses instead of an elementary school, even though the school in the catchment is at full capacity with a waiting list, and our shopping sucks, so we all have to spend our money in Langley and Coquitlam, especially if you have kids.

The West Coast Express is also over packed, and costly, and the times that it does run make no sense to working parents who have to have take their kids to school.

Light rail would make so much more sense. But I guess that is something council lacks out this way.

But, hey, a casino makes much more sense.

Donna Werbes

Maple Ridge