Lighten up over street parking

Commuter would rather walk a few blocks rather than pay

Editor, The News:

Re: Permits for residential parking? (The News, May 2).

I am one of those people who park in a residential area near the hospital instead of paying the excessive daily per diem to Impark. I notice many hospital staff do the same.

I also live in an area close to a school and near a West Coast Express train station and have no problem with people parking near my home, as long as our driveway is not blocked.

Most of the residents near the hospital have large driveways with enough room to accommodate four to six vehicles, and the public street parking seem to be busy only from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. After that, there is lots of on-street parking.

Many of the residents are probably at work during that time, so I don’t see the public abusing this space.

There is a bylaw sign indicating that vehicles must be parked three metres away from driveways, and people have been ticketed fro infractions. The majority of the public using these spaces respect the guidelines.

Seems to me that speeding along 117 Avenue is a much bigger concern than people trying to save money and get some exercise.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our bureaucrats  applied the same approach to reducing expenses as those of us who choose to walk rather than pay a hefty parking fee?

I’m unable to comment about the area near the Port Haney station, but there has to be better solutions for taxpayers, who bear the costs for these streets.

Adding extra staff to enforce the proposed parking restrictions would only add costs to taxpayers, we are all paying too much already.

Lighten up, residents, and support those people going to visit their loved ones at the hospital, as well as all the hospital employees who may be your caregiver in the future.

M. Hanczik

Pitt Meadows