Local government takes turn for worse

More people need to get active in Maple Ridge elections

Editor, The News:

Re: Flats’ owners told to make their case (The News, Jan. 27).

I see our council is pandering to the SmartCentres lobby group by wanting all of the flats removed from the ALR.

Why would our council want this? Could it be because a single-issue group proved itself so effective in electing a council willing to support its cause?

Our local government has taken a turn for the worse.

Our past councils caused this by allowing urban sprawl. Now we have these residential areas such as Albion and Silver Valley, which are relatively far from services, and we are unhappy about that.

And with the low turnout for local elections, it was very easy for a commercial enterprise to enlist enough voters to win an election.

Unless more citizens get interested enough to vote, we will see more such commercial influence in our elections.

Lyall Holmes

Maple Ridge