Lucky to live in Maple Ridge

Letters to editor, entertaining and recycling system works

Editor, The News:

Re: Recycling program out of date (Letters, May 22).

I just finished entertaining myself reading letters to the editor.

From the letter from Cheryl Zandbergen, I learned about the frustrating and time-consuming problems of sorting the recycling things.

Personally, I have no problem with it, since I have a plastic box for the newspapers and four large plastic-bags: one for flattened-out cartons, one for glass containers, one for tins, and one for plastic containers.

Once a weak the recycling truck comes by and the workers are good enough to put the empty box on top of the empty bags to prevent them from blowing away.

As for food scraps, they go through the Garburator.

All in all, it works fine, and is certainly a whole lot better than the years we used to bring everything to the dump.

As for the long letter of Armand Tavish, why too many things to enumerate are amiss with the good City of Pitt Meadows, one would count oneself fortunate to live in Maple Ridge.

Henry Blok

Maple Ridge