Maple Ridge deserves better

Re: Fourth chlorine leak evacuates pool (The News, July 5).

Editor, The News:

That the Leisure Centre in Maple Ridge was evacuated again on July 2 for the fourth chlorine leak at the indoor pool in three years highlights that the facility is outdated and in dire need of replacement.

Recently there has also been electrical and other problems, requiring the pool to be shut down, and problems regarding overcrowding as swim clubs cannot adequately train, nor can the general public be accommodated.

The Leisure Centre pool is an embarrassment when contrasted with surrounding communities, which have magnificent facilities that they can be proud of, and can train and enjoy in a healthy and safe environment.

Why can’t the growing population of Maple Ridge have a facility that will meet its needs? It is time that the mayor and council act and put in place a proper facility, not offer temporary solutions and Band-Aid fixes.

My eight-year-old daughter was at the pool when the alarms sounded. She was terrified and didn’t know what was going on. The children and people of Maple Ridge deserve something better.

Grant Brandson

Maple Ridge