Maple Ridge in good hands?

Writer says he can sleep well knowing that Maple Ridge is in good hands.

Sold sign for Coun. Al Hogarth

Sold sign for Coun. Al Hogarth

Editor, The News:

Re: Coun. Hogarth wants Brown Ave. improved (The News, April 12).

That old Phil Melnychuk Sure is a practical joker.

I guess that’s why he gets paid all that dough down at The News.

Why, just the other day that silly goose wrote an article that had me splitting my sides with laughter.

Apparently, as the story goes, ‘Councillor’ Hogarth is making all manner of noises about wanting Brown avenue ‘rebuilt’.

According to local folklore as provided by Sir Melnychuk, Coun. Al Hogarth already had his finger in as many as three pies on that stretch of road.

And I say good for him. That left me wondering. Why in the heck would he be so darned interested in wanting to have those slums mowed down? Why, he would probably lose his ability to profit off those  ‘affordable rentals’.

And according to our jocular journalist, Coun. Hogarth also stated this.

“I have no guarantees. I have nothing in writing. I have no contractual obligation other than I am managing the property.”

Well that sounds square-ish, I guess. But then when Mayor Ernie Daykin is quoted as saying “he didn’t even consider if Hogarth had a conflict of interest in calling for road improvement along properties he manages.” I hadn’t even thought of that”.

OK, this is starting to sound funny to me but hey, They wouldn’t print it if it weren’t… OH! I’m so slow.

I didn’t realize Phil was taking me for a ride.

There is no way smart people living in a democratic burb such as Maple Ridge could ever elect a mayor with dubious intelligence and a councillor inexplicably brash with avarice.  I know I didn’t.  You really had me concerned for a moment there, Phil. Thanks, but April 1 has passed. Ya missed it again. But that was a good one. Now I can sleep well knowing Maple ridge is in good hands.


Grant Baker

Maple Ridge