Maple Ridge trying to take on big-city attitude

Editor, The News:

I left North Vancouver and came to Maple Ridge 11 years ago. It was a town with heart and  the council of the time worked for the betterment of the community and its citizens.

What has happened in the last few years?

Why are we trying to take on a big-city attitude?

Maple Ridge’s best feature is being on the cusp of B.C.’s most beautiful and most natural environment which has a calming effect on those who have come to call Maple Ridge home.

Now we have bylaw officers ordering the removal of sandwich boards from sidewalks and recreational vehicles from their own property while council has embraced cycling on sidewalks!

I recently went to an earthquake-awareness session in Maple Ridge and was told that RVs would make excellent alternative accommodation.

In an evacuation situation, an RV is our assurance that our family, friends and pets will all be together.

What’s the use if they are stored in the next town?

I recently talked with one of the large recreational vehicle dealerships that 5.8 metre-long are not popular for families.

Their most popular sales are now RVs from 6.4 to 8.5 metres in length.

Is safety or length of RVs at issue here?

Times have changed from 1990 when this bylaw was written.

I now tend to believe as many others that there is a hidden agenda by the present council towards the cash cow of adjudication.

Why start swooping down on innocent, law-abiding taxpaying citizens and their only means of family holidays?

Will this result in our having to move or sell our RVs?

We only want to enjoy the blessings that B.C. is endowed with.

Why spoil memories by playing the goon squad?

M. Muscat

Maple Ridge