Metal theft is costing victims more

Letter writer says metal theft costs more to the victims.

Editor, The News:

Re: Metal bylaw is heavy-handed (Letters, Sept. 20).

The metal bylaw is not heavy-handed. It is weak, if anything.

Almost every day we read about metal theft. I recently had a piece of ground wire stolen for $1 worth of metal that cost me $200 to replace.

A friend of mine had a house completely torn apart for copper pipes, costing him thousands.

Thefts from grave sites … and the list goes on.

Metal theft is so common, only the dramatic big ones make the news.

It is metal recyclers who make this theft possible.  If they can not afford the time or cost of monitoring the scrap metal they buy, then they should close down.

It may be a loss of some jobs, but the metal theft cost a lot more to their victims.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge