Need more gluten free restaurants in Maple Ridge

Compared to Whistler this area is short in accommodating those with special diet needs

Editor, The News:

As a recently diagnosed family with an intolerance to wheat, we have been seeking gluten-free options for our family in Maple Ridge where we reside.

Several restaurants have options and have accommodated us when we have frequented their establishments. When I go to the celiac and gluten-free site or Google, what my options are for Maple Ridge, the search leaves me feeling empty:

If you compare this site, with Options in Whistler to Options in Maple Ridge, you will see what I mean. Twenty-four options are available for Whistler and two for Maple Ridge.

I think the population is roughly the same but understandably the market a little hotter for Whistler.

I would like to challenge the restaurants of Maple Ridge to do something about it and advertise what options they provide.  This isn’t going away. I think you will see this market continue to grow.

Just the voice of a consumer willing to spend on the option that suits my needs.

Jeff Andersen

Maple Ridge