News Views: Are you done yet?

The recall campaign against Liberal MLA Marc Dalton has been called frivolous and a waste of time and money by those who support him.

Those who don’t claim he’s done nothing since being elected in the Maple Ridge-Mission riding, and that he supports the HST.

Clearly, many B.C. residents were unhappy with how the HST was introduced, and by who it affects most: the average taxpayer.

That anger has carried over, and now the recall campaign is targeting vulnerable Liberal MLAs, like Mr. Dalton, who won the last provincial election by just 68 votes.

If successful, a recall campaign could end up costing B.C. taxpayers more than a million dollars.


No one expects it to be free.

If registered voters are unhappy with the performance of their MLA, they have the democratic right to petition to remove him or her from office between elections. No other province or territory has such a system in place. This is a privilege; why not use it? It’s an opportunity encourage discussion around public policy, not keep it a secret until after an election.

In this case – Done with Dalton campaign organizers need to collect more than 14,000 signatures in 60 days.

Good luck.

If unsuccessful, their initiative hasn’t cost taxpayers a penny.

Is that frivolous? …

Is it politically driven?

Of course.

But no one is forced to sign the petition. If registered voters feel the petition is insincere, it will fail.

If Mr. Dalton and his supporters don’t like the recall initiative, then they should get out and campaign against it, trumpet the HST for all its worth and all the good work he has done, before it’s too late.

– The News