News Views: Keeping a promise

The need for a wedding chapel in Osprey Village may very well be redundant, with the new South Bonson Community Centre already serving that purpose.

But wether or not the chapel gets built is for the people of Osprey Village to decide. They were sold a promise of a wedding chapel and through their participation in the upcoming information sessions with Mosaic Homes, they will have a chance to have a say in the future of that site.

Regardless, it should be something for them.

However, apathy could hand the developer a carte blanche to put whatever it wants there, so it is imperative that the community participates in the process, and makes their voices heard.

Mosaic Homes has acted in good faith thus far. In 2006, the developer agreed to either build the chapel by no later than April 2009, or pay the city the commercial taxes such a facility would be expected to pay from that point forward.

Mosaic has chosen to do the latter, as is its right.

It’s not difficult to see why.

Without a tenant, the wedding chapel would sit empty, which makes little sense for all parties involved.

According to Mosaic Homes, it will be up to the community to decide the future of the site.

But whatever the community of Osprey Village decides for the chapel site, the City of Pitt Meadows needs to hold Mosaic Homes to their promise and require construction of the site to be completed before they are allowed to begin construction of their proposed three-storey residential/commercial development along Barnston View Road.

Mosaic Homes made the people of Osprey Village a promise. It’s up to the City of Pitt Meadows to ensure it is kept.


– The News