News Views: Talking to John

Pitt Meadows Coun. John Becker, in his bid to become mayor, has started a private phone line, called the “Talk to John Line,” to hear the “interests, concerns and questions” of residents.

In his recorded message for the Talk to John Line, he also mentions his law firm, and the phone number for it – if you need to talk one of his lawyers, he says.

For what?

Is Becker soliciting votes or clients?

We thought he started the line for residents of the city. It’s on his campaign webpage.

To “effectively serve as mayor,” you’d think Becker would want to come across as neutral, selfless, to be able to separate business and politics.

But his arrogance in this instance, that he doesn’t think voters can see through the thinly veiled advertisement for his business, is astounding, if not patronizing.

Just as is the overly congratulatory sentiments from fellow Liberals in a press release this week announcing the mayoral candidate as recipient of an award from the party for being, basically, a good Liberal.

If Becker really cares about the concerns of Pitt Meadows residents, then he shouldn’t be promoting his law firm under the guise of civic duty.

Did he learn nothing from Don MacLean, who forgot to disclose that his insurance agency was awarded the contract for all municipal vehicles?

Becker needs to understand that voters don’t care about his law firm. They care about their city, what he can do to help make it better, not whether or not he can help them with their wills and mortgages.

If he doesn’t get that, then he should step aside and let someone else who does be mayor.

If callers are confused, couldn’t they just say so and he’d call them back later, as promised?


–  The News