No better investment than education

Letter writer says trustees need to seriously look for innovative ways to provide better education.

Editor, The News:

I am a retired teacher. I believe that education is the most important investment that government can make.

I voted for Christy Clark for her run as Liberal leader because I believed she was the only Liberal in a party that was controlled by Conservatives.

Conservatives’ only objective is to cut spending. They do not believe in investing money in the future. True Liberals would support education, just as the federal Liberals do.  Justin Trudeau, a former teacher, is a true Liberal.

Our school district, however, must make tough choices when enrolment decreases. It must close schools down and look at what is no longer effective.

For instance, it cut teacher librarian staff in secondary schools. This is a good thing, not bad. As a teacher, I could see the teacher librarians, with their strong union support, trying to justify their jobs when technology was making them ineffective and costly.

Schools could and should be creating more effective programs that can allow for more internet home courses. PE programs should be more flexible and give credit and encouragement to have students be involved more in community teams and exercise programs that are more likely to develop lasting involvement instead of activities that turn off students.

I do believe more money should be invested in education, and the Conservative-controlled government is not a good situation. I also believe that cuts should not be blamed on the ministry. But trustees need to seriously look at what works and look for innovative ways to provide better education.

Their letter to the ministry was mostly about shifting their responsibility to the ministry.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge