Not surprising in Liberal la-la land

Editor, The News:

Re: Protest growing against Campbell (The News, Sept. 7).

Isn’t this an interesting and not surprising turn of events in B.C. Liberal la-la land?

For more than 30 years people have been nominating other people for the Order of B.C. based on a well-publicized set of nomination criteria. Turns out this week (luckily for Gordon Campbell) that the commonly known criteria, in fact, isn’t the criteria; rather, it’s something else entirely. How fortuitous.

It would be extremely interesting to know who nominated Mr. Campbell for this award, and how they knew he did, in fact, qualify, when anyone else would have read on the Order of B.C. website that he was ineligible.

You might also wonder why the Order of B.C. people would go out of their way to say that nominees must not be currently elected people when that is apparently not true.

According to today’s spin, nominees are allowed to be currently elected people at the close of nomination; just as long as they are not elected when the award is actually given to them.

Who knew? Freedom of Information request, anyone?

Cheryl Baron

Maple Ridge