Opinion: ‘A promise to spend now’

Writer takes issue with 'tax and spend' label attached to New Democrats

Editor, The News:

As the finance minister has said, the ‘shareholders’ will be heading to the polls.

And in regards to this, we are obligated to  examine our choices very carefully.

NDP or Liberal?

According to the movers and shakers of the province, you know, the financial gurus and analysts, the chambers of commerce, the independent contractors and all those who are able to pay thousands of dollars to have dinner with the premier, the NDP are not able to govern because they are ‘tax and spend.’

I must admit that this is partially true.

The NDP does spend – on the social needs of the people, and it uses tax dollars for it.

The NDP doesn’t spend on job creation directly, but programs and projects designed to provide for those in need do create jobs.

Can you imagine what will happen in health, welfare and education without adequate government spending and personnel?

Look around and see what’s happening today.

The rise in homelessness, proliferation in food banks, hungry children in schools, deaths in hospital hallways while awaiting care, deaths and suicide in the child welfare ministry and many other sufferings.

Yes, tax and spend does have its place  in good government, especially when it meets the needs of the people.

But according to the people of affluence and influence, this is all so socialist that it must be bad  and not encouraged.

Let’s look at the government’s performance over the past years.

Several balanced and surplus budgets, including one surplus budget that turned out to be a deficit right after the election, which the Liberals won.

Low taxes.

Job creation through government spending on several megaprojects – bridges, convention centre, stadium and many others, and many more on the drawing board.

A stable and buoyant economy and a good record on the creation of wealth, which is, of course, the top priority of a  corporate management team.

This is what makes us, the voters, shareholders.

How does a management team get the funds needed for these huge investments?

Surely not from the low taxes that we  pay.

Once upon a time, the NDP was accused of leaving a legacy of a debt burden that would hound all future generations.

Well, if you take the time to check, you will find out where the money comes from and how much is now owed by every  man, woman and child in this great Liberal paradise.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of the wealth created, then you are to be congratulated.

If the NDP is a tax and spend group, then the Liberals must be a borrow and spend group.

The one creates wealth and suffering  with a bottomline priority.

The other tries to alleviate suffering and despair through its people as a first priority.

Of course we need wealth to service the needs of the people, but I didn’t see any generosity towards the less fortunate over the past 16 years.

So what happened to the wealth?

Promising to spend now, in time for an election, is only as good as the last election’s promises of wealth through LNG.

Edward Lall

Pitt Meadows