‘Paid big bucks’

Maple Ridge still a one-horse town with two ambulances

Editor, The News:

Re: ‘Council decided to build new pool’ (The News, Jan. 29).

Coun. Craig Speirs can always be counted on to make inane statements: “We’re not small potatoes, and we’re the largest city west of the Great Lakes.”

Maybe in area it might qualify. But when the major shopping area is 224th Street, it’s still a one-horse town with two ambulances serving it.

The obsession of successive councils with 224th Street was evidenced by the recent confusion with building a pool. East  and west Maple Ridge are ignored.

At the gateways to Maple Ridge, off the Golden Ears Bridge, medians are full of weeds, cracking the cement, and up Dewdney Trunk Road, off Lougheed Highway, as well.

East Maple Ridge needs schools and sidewalks and shopping. Maple Ridge CAO Ted Swabey clears up the confusion about the pool: “Council then made the decision, in my opinion, to build a new pool and I think there’s some confusion on whether that’s actually what we did. But I believe we made that decision.”

I guess that’s why some are paid the big bucks.

Cherryl Katnich

Maple Ridge