Parking tickets for Christmas

Despite parking pass, still gets fined after entertaining seniors

Editor, The News:

Re: Singers demand free hospital parking (The News, Dec. 14).

I have lived in Maple Ridge since 1960 and have been a local entertainer for more than 35 years in this area.

I just finished up with five one-hour Christmas shows at Ridge Meadows Hospital, in the Baillie House wing.

I was also ticketed for parking there, as well as many others, even though I had my parking pass clearly visible on my dash board.

The hospital was kind enough to take my ticket and then deal with the parking company itself.

I think that maybe this parking company hands out parking tickets at random and hopes that the ticketed individuals just fork over the cash, especially when it says on the ticket that if it is paid early your fine will only be 50 per cent of the total ticket.

Maybe the company figures that most people will just pay it in order not to ruffle any feathers.

Well, I was quite surprised when I viewed the article in the local paper, stating how many people that were also ticketed besides myself.

These people were there to visit their loved ones at Baillie House, to listen to me sing and play guitar for their Christmas parties.

In closing, I would just like to say thank you to the staff, namely Anna and Diana, for inviting me back to Baillie House as your Christmas party entertainer, now for fours years running.

It was also admirable of Santa to show up and spend some time with us each of those five evenings.

I would also like to say Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family here and abroad and a Happy New Year.

Gene Cordoni

Maple Ridge



Editor, The News:

Re: Singers demand free hospital parking (The News, Dec. 14).

Subject: Maple Ridge News Contact Us – Feedback to Editor

Four weeks ago I had to drive myself to the emergency department at the Maple Ridge hospital for an accident that ended up requiring surgery.

I was very surprised to see that, even in the emergency parking area, you had to pay for parking.

Despite being in shock and in pain, I managed to do so.

The hospital emergency department was excellent. I was quickly admitted and received wonderful care.

However, when I came out three hours later, I found a parking ticket on my car.

Like one of the people in the article said, it felt like a slap in the face, especially after the trauma I had just gone through.

We just moved here from Vancouver and love Maple Ridge, but I must say, pay parking in a hospital emergency area is appallingly uncaring and money grubbing.

Allison Van Duyn

Maple Ridge