People have spoken, for awhile at least

One down, two more to go, elections that is, for the people of B.C.

Despite a slow start, Monday’s federal election morphed into an interesting competition and redrew the political map.

And what a night it was.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are back in power, this time with a majority government after promising that they are focused on economic progress and stability.

Time will tell whether that happens and whether the government can rule from the centre, which is where Canadian politics is based, and not lapse into a right-wing Albertan agenda over which some in the party are drooling.

The importance of conveying that message of stability wasn’t lost on the candidates.

The win “will bring stability that Canada needs for economic recovery,” said Conservative Mark Warawa after his fourth win in Langley.

“It shows that people were really tired of elections and wanted stability,” said Conservative Randy Kamp after his fourth win in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission.

The surprise this time around was the ascendence of the NDP, likely because of NDP boss Jack Layton’s work ethic.

Recovering from hip surgery, fighting cancer, Layton limped to work every day despite his condition. That dedication and his cane, struck a note with many voters who fight their own struggles daily, (though without a parliamentary salary and pension.)

Locally, the NDP focused on the environment and Kamp presumably listened and will take the message to Ottawa, that B.C.’s environment is never something to be trifled with.

– The News