Picked up by strangers after fall

Letter writer thanks strangers for their help after a fall in Maple Ridge

Editor, The News:

As I was planning my Sunday daily activities on Nov. 20, I decided on a brisk walk to the Silver Bridge dike in Pitt Meadows with my beloved two-year-old golden retriever Molly.

As I pulled into the parking lot, she began to perform her ever-so-excited dance in the backseat to hurry up and get going. As usual, I attached her leach to the collar and we were off.

Well, to both of our amazement, we spotted two beautiful white swans just below the parking lot. A first-sighting for her. We took off, full-steam down the embankment. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react.

My main concern was to hold onto her as I didn’t want her to harm them. As I could not hold on anymore, I felt myself slipping off my feet with one leg landing straight and the other turning sideways, hearing a pop in my right knee. I just sat on the ground, stunned and in shock, not really feeling pain. Molly was long gone, wading waste deep in the water, trying to mingle with these gracious birds. They pretty much told her off, and she actually backed away from them.

Then I went to get up and my knee had no range, stability or motion. Trying to contain her, I tried again. No use.

At this time, a really nice lady who had witnessed all of this from the bridge called out to see if I needed help. I still thought if I just rested a bit longer it would be OK. It wasn’t.

As she walked down towards me, she asked me not to try and move and she was calling 911. I kept panicking about my dog, thinking how can I get her home?

This wonderful lady, Linda, tried to offer her arm to me, but it wasn’t enough. She needed more help. She went up the hill and asked complete strangers for it.

I couldn’t believe how many people were crowded around us in a matter of seconds. The emotions that were swirling around in my mind were overwhelming gratefulness.

I actually had to be carried up a steep hill by a man named Chris and another women who I wasn’t able to get her name.

I just wanted to thank them all.

Turns out I have a ruptured ACL in my left knee.

Caroline Olafson

Pitt Meadows