Pitt Meadows city continues its wanton spending

Mayor Deb Walters and council haven't even tried to cut costs

Editor, The News:

I hope our caring mayor has enjoyed the summer and has at least given some thought to the tax petition.

While our income is stalled, the city continues on its merry spending ways.  We’re already in the hole financially and the city continues to dig that hole a little deeper.

Pitt Meadows mayor and council have not made a single effort to cut costs.  As long as it costs just a little more, they just plan to shovel it on to next year’s tax load and cover it under the old “maintaining service levels” gambit.  If the mayor won’t lead us out of this mess, then it’s time for council members to speak up.

Did you all get your letter from the mayor?  I wonder how many thousands of our dollars were spent to send us those canned statements?

Archie Blankers

Pitt Meadows