Pitt Meadows so far only making our wallets lighter

Mayor doesn't seem to understand balanced budget, just keep spending

Editor, The News:

Here is a short list of the benefits the residents of Pitt Meadows have reaped from Mayor Deb Walters.

First, she doesn’t seem to understand what a balanced budget is.

The mayor and her supporters on council just spend whatever they see fit and expect the residents to happily pay more taxes.

Second, the mayor has stated that she supports tax increases for the next five years, meaning she has no intention of trying to cut spending.

Third, the mayor cast the deciding vote over taking land north of the Lougheed Highway out of the Agricultural Land Reserve, despite loud protest.

Fourth, she supports the tolling of all bridges.

Do any of these provide a benefit to Pitt Meadows taxpayers, other than making our wallets lighter?

So much for majority rule. The mayor is showing us who rules this nest.

What’s next, is Queen Walters going to change our city’s name to Walters Meadows?

Archie Blankers

Pitt Meadows