Pitt pool study a waste of $2,000

Re: Pitt Meadows to re-study indoor pool (The News, July 26)

Editor, The News:

The Facebook post Sherri Bychyk (Shelve pool study) is the one I almost wrote, but didn’t, as who needs another letter by an old hack.

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms., Bychyk and wonder, why now?

There is the 2004 study, and until we have reach the population required by the study, then we still can’t afford a pool. That’s pretty simple.  Have we grown that much?

Most of the old councillors in Pitt Meadows have been on the parks and leisure commission, and if they haven’t, a councillor reported back and the manager would have given a written and verbal report, as well.

So there is no reason to have a study and waste $2,000.

I would rather water the hanging baskets.

Staff should be competent enough to know without a consultant.  Easy to blame an outsider.

Please don’t hold a referendum on a subject that is a non-starter, even though there is no obligation for a referendum, which most people don’t realize.

Who doesn’t like the idea of a pool? Who can’t afford one? We can’t.

The fee to use the Maple Ridge pool back in my day was $4.50 per visit, but the actual cost was $25, which could be higher now.

Where is the outcry from those who wanted a zero tax increase budget to the cost of a consultant for the pool?

The only reason I can think of why Pitt Meadows council is bringing up an issue that has not been in the forefront lately is to raise the hopes of those who want a pool.

Any councillor going to Niagra Falls for the second time, stay home. Just let the new councillor go as that is sufficient for a Canadian conference. Networking provincially at least makes sense.

Annette Code

Pitt Meadows