Planned North Lougheed Connector ‘a joke’

Permitting the exclusion of the Pitt Meadows land while still denying Maple Ridge’s submission goes a long way to explain...

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt farmland OK’d for new road, mall (The News, Aug. 17)

Your article regarding the decision of the ALC to permit the exclusion of the Pitt Meadows land while still denying Maple Ridge’s submission goes a long way to explain why people have lost confidence in government institutions.

While the lands in Albion are questionable as far as being productive, there is absolutely no doubt that the Pitt Meadows application includes productive land as they are producing crops right now!

Somehow Pitt Meadows permitted the pre-loading of a large section of the land along Lougheed Highway prior to the exclusion being permitted, something that destroyed its agricultural value, however a large section is still in production.

It is outrageous that their submission stated only 20 people attended the public forum as I was one of the large group who attended.  There were at least 20 people who gave verbal submissions to council while the room was overflowing with only standing room available.

The planned North Lougheed Connector is a joke as it will connect with Lougheed East of the Harris Road intersection, the major congestion point that is already causing traffic to backup sometimes all the way to 203rd during morning rush hour.

The plan will create more traffic congestion instead of resolving it.  With the ever increasing amount of traffic attempting to travel across the Pitt River Bridge we need an alternate route to totally bypass Harris Road.

By filling in the large drainage ditches on either side of old Dewdney and expanding the road to four lanes as was done for #3 and #5 roads in Richmond,  not only will commuters be serviced but the farmers along the route will be able to access the road using the slow lane.

The idea to place “calming zones” on old Dewdney is absolute insanity, we need to implement methods to permit faster transit through this area not slow it down.

Mayor Daykin should be outraged by this decision as it once again sets Maple Ridge back and promotes one of our neighbors.

If any decision deserved appeal this one begs it. The Agricultural Land Commission deserves to be inundated with letters, along with the Minister responsible.


Graham Mowatt

Maple Ridge