Plant more trees, keep downtown green

Editor, The News:

Re: Haney Place Mall presents new plans (The News, May 6).

Having again read the good news about the coming facelift of our downtown mall, I am very concerned that major expansions of parking lots are planned.

We must understand that such huge concrete surfaces contribute to global warming and the poor air quality we have here in Maple Ridge.

Every time I check the Greater Vancouver air quality, I see with apprehension that Maple Ridge is the worst in carbon dioxide (could be a result of farming?).

However, I understand that it is necessary to plant shade trees in the parking lots to minimize the concrete heat production.

Already the downtown area has seen loss of trees, green space and the planting of spindly trees that give no shade what-so-ever. Let’s not do that, Maple Ridge.  Let’s plant many, many shade trees and keep this community green, even at the loss of a few parking spots.

Helga Uria

Maple Ridge