Priorities of Conservative government

Can afford $250 for dirt bike trails in Rockies but nothing for youth shelter?

Editor, The News:

I just happened to look at the Facebook page of Blake Richards, MP  in the Alberta riding of Canmore, Banff, Airdrie, Cochrane, where my son and his family live.

Richards just announced $250 000  of federal funding for ATV/dirt-bike trails. That’s your taxpayer money.

Randy Kamp, our MP, got nothing to keep the Iron Horse Youth Centre, a shelter for youths at risk, running.

Some people may think the cost of running only five beds for youths at risk is too high.  If each young person only stays for a week , that gives  over 250 youngsters shelter and may prevent them from becoming young offenders.

A future prison bill will be astronomically more expensive.

They also have food banks in Richards’ riding.

But those are the priorities of the Conservative government.

Maria Raynolds

Maple Ridge