Questioning Heath Canada’s guideline for our health

Editor, The News:

Re:  Smart meter opponent already following Health Canada advice (The News, Oct. 12).

In response to Phil Melnychuk’s article and all the references to Health Canada, I would direct you to a report filed by Canada’s Standing Committee on Health in Dec. of 2010, titled “An examination of the potential health impacts of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.”

After reading the conclusions of the committee on p.11, reading the NDP’s complimentary report on p.23, and remembering that the World Health Organization ‘reclassified’ electromagnetic frequencies as a possible Class 2b carcinogen in May of 2011, your readers may come to the same conclusion that I did – I question the validity of relying on Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 as a guideline for our health.

The code is itself in question and outdated. The tests looked at the heating of tissues only, and not at the effects of low level EMF to our human electrical systems and to those of insects and animals. This interruption within our cellular communication system and the effect, over time, on our already overburdened immune systems requires further study. It particularly requires attention with initiatives like B.C. Hydro’s wireless smart meters and  public WiFi access, which will affect everyone, even those who are already experiencing health problems due to electromagnetic sensitivities.

We live in exciting times with technologies whose capabilities change daily. What’s the rush? I’m sure a better solution is just around the corner. Yes, we need to find alternate energy sources and ways to conserve, but these smart meters don’t do either; we do.

Christy Clark, you need to rethink your government’s stance on this one. You didn’t have this information when the Clean Energy Act was passed in 2009, but you do now. I look forward to hearing that you indeed are putting families first by mandating a moratorium on this project.

Sherry Ridout