‘Quit wasting money on personal vendetta’

Letter writer scolds the B.C. Liberals for wasting taxpayer dollars.

Editor, The News:

Re: Teachers validated in court (The News, Jan. 29).

OK, B.C. Liberals, you’ve had two kicks at the B.C. teachers’ can.

Both times you have been publicly spanked.

This time, the judge has chided you openly, saying that the provincial government deliberately tried to secretly provoke a strike by the BCTF in 2012 to create a political advantage, and awarded them $2 million of taxpayer dollars.

And now you say you will likely appeal and try a third time.

Enough is enough.

Quit wasting our scarce dollars on your personal vendetta.

The education minister is on record telling schools to consider closing down if they can’t pay their bills.

Imagine how many services the legal fees and awards to date could have provided?

Cheryl Baron

Maple Ridge