River Road no longer a place for a leisurely walk

Sidewalk is now too narrow, despite the the recent renovations

Editor, The News:

I am writing with regards to my concerns for pedestrian foot traffic safety between Carshill and Darby streets on River Road.

Before the up-grade to River Road a few years ago, a couple of people could walk side-by-side without fear of vehicle traffic or tripping over stones or blocks put on the boulevard by home owners.

Is River Road for only autos now?  Why can’t the walkway be widened to allow more room, like the west side of Darby St.?

River Road could be a great alternative to the very busy Lougheed Highway for leisurely walks. At present it is very restricted, which is too bad. My wife and I enjoy walks around our neighbourhood, but in this area of River Rd. we are forced to walk single file on the very narrow walkway, with vehicle traffic on one side and dodging obstacles on the boulevard side. These obstacles, such as rocks, should be moved or removed completely.

I would think that the district would love to have people leave their vehicles at home. I hope council will look into improving this situation some day soon, along with the planned traffic calming measures.

Alan Meeks

Maple Ridge