Role of churches has changed over years

In days gone by, churches were responsible for most of society’s social welfare. Now the onus falls on the government.

Editor, The News:

Re: More churches need to help (Letters, Feb. 15); A reminder, churches are not just for Sunday (Letters, Feb. 22); How about it (Letters, Feb. 22).

In response to Sandy Macdougall’s letter that churches aren’t doing enough in the community for the tax breaks they receive, Carolyn Speer’s letter lists what her church does in the community.

Unfortunately for Ms. Speer, her letter inadvertently proves Mr. MacDougall’s case.

The list includes “countless services individuals in the church have done for the community.” Unfortunately, doing volunteer work does not qualify you for tax breaks, otherwise many non-church-going people would be in line for these breaks. Holding ladies’ teas, lunches and the like should not be tax deductible, either.

Ms. Speer mentioned the food bank ‘operating’ out of her church building.  Now if her church offers free rent to the food bank, then, yes, I would say she has a point there.

As far as Cherryl Katnich’s extensive list goes, I would be on board with her, but for the fact she states that “churches advocate for shelter … ” etc. Advocating is one thing, doing is another (see book of James).

The role of the church has changed over the years. In days gone by, churches were responsible for most of society’s social welfare. Now the onus falls on the government.

The churches are not fulfilling their role of social welfare provider anymore and, therefore, should not reap the benefits

Mike Sands

Maple Ridge