Roundabout best

Skateboard corner is an accident waiting to happen

Editor, The News:

Re: Boy injured in longboard collision (The News, June 12).

I  live at the corner of McClure and Kimola drives and have thought that this intersection was a waiting accident.

Most sunny days when school is out, I see kids skateboarding, longboarding, bike riding and rollerblading, shooting through the two-way stop without slowing.

There’s nobody looking out for traffic at the intersection, nothing but blind chance.

Kimola winds around on a steep incline, continuing on through the intersection for a long run down.

Our thoughts are with the 12 year old boy who was badly hurt, his family and the woman who he hit.


My heart goes out to the boy’s friends who witnessed this. I could see how shaken they were.

I believe that regardless of extra patrols, stop signs or driver awareness, that the best solution would be a roundabout, one with soft bumper pads.

Wanda LaFlamme

Maple Ridge