Sad situation in Port Haney

A letter about the weekly dinners that no longer have a home at the CEED Centre

Editor, The News:

Re: Street ministry moving on (The News, March 20 ).

The CEED Centre is a long-time non-governmental organization, which is well known in Maple Ridge for helping the less fortunate among us, along with its various educational programs. That Maple Ridge council would close down a once-a-week gathering where persons can have a meal and a warm place to socialize based on a few complaints is sad.

What is also disturbing is that one of our councilors who manages a well known problem property in this area and which is the source of many of complaints, would use condescending language directed at Christian Cowley, the CEED Centre manager, to defend his own inability to clean up his property.

Something is wrong with this picture.

Doug Stanger

Maple Ridge