Sale of Albion ferry vessels is a ‘sham’

'TransLink spent more than $440,000 on security, then sold them for less.'

Editor, The News:

Re: Albion ferries sold (The News, Dec. 30).

Well, the ‘sham’ of the attempt to sell the Albion ferries if finally over. TransLink’s long history of wasting tax dollars is yet again proven.

It has spent more than $440,000 on security for the ferries since they were shut down, and sold them for $400,000.  Who else but a government agency can lose money by selling an asset worth millions? What a joke.

I, along with at least one other interested party, have attempted for more than two years to get the information package on the ferries necessary to sell them to off-shore buyers, but have been unable to even get the agency selling them to communicate with us.

One person that I know of had a buyer interested to spend well over a million dollars, but wanted details.  This  has been lost by TransLink’s refusal to have an open and transparent selling process.

I have no doubt that this was the plan all along and the mayors of Metro Vancouver should all be held responsible for the total lack of accountability for proper disposal  of public assets. We had the greatest tourist attraction in the province and it was allowed to slip away at a loss. Unbelievable.

Is there any wonder why so many people are tuning out of the political process. It is so broken it is a waste to even give it an ounce of credibility.

Graham Mowatt

Maple Ridge