Several questions for Maple Ridge RCMP council appearance

Why did it take eight RCMP when five of them could have been patrolling community?

Editor, The News:

Re: Ridge council gives thumbs up to RCMP (The News, April 24).

On Monday, April 22nd, I attended the committee of a whole meeting at the municipal hall, where the RCMP made their presentation on integration services, which brought to mind a few questions that I would like answered

Firstly, why did it take eight RCMP members to make the presentation when at least five of them could have been out patrolling our community?

Secondly, why were they given over an hour and a half for their presentation when others are only allowed 10 to 15 minutes for theirs?

Thirdly, when the made their presentation, they left out the integrated traffic enforcement group. In the 30 hours previous to their presentation, there had been two fatal accidents in Maple Ridge and one fatal in Coquitlam.

I makes me wonder where their priorities are when one of their points has to do with career advancement instead of dealing with one of the biggest problems in this province and that is excessive speed and bad driving habits.

I think they should have mentioned that instead of the dog-and-pony show they put on.

Also, it makes me wonder, when council does a testimonial to the RCMP on how great they are when a short time ago they were complaining about the bill they received from the RCMP to renovate the cells in the police station because they felt they were unsafe for the persons being held in them, it seems to me that they are only interested in their needs and don’t seem to want to do the whole job.

I hope I’m wrong, but so far it seems that way.

Also, does the public know that not all members carry ticket books with them, so they won’t have to stop someone for a motor vehicle violation.

We need even more service for our tax dollars.

Eric Phillips

Maple Ridge