Should we privatize ICBC? You bet

And include B.C. Hydro and TransLink while we're at it

Editor, The News:

Privatize ICBC? You bet, all these organizations like ICBC, Hydro and TransLink should be privatized.

If ICBC managed to survive this long without overpaid managers, why are they all of a sudden hiring all these $ 200,000-plus managers?

Furthermore, paying bonuses to these clowns, for what?

All these corporations seem to be overloaded with big, fat-paying jobs. Why pay bonuses to monopolies?

You may call them dictator companies.

The average working stiff does not have chances to earn bonuses. Most of their workers are well paid, or are they working on commissions only?

The customers have no choice but to deal with Hydro and ICBC and pay whatever rates they are charging. They have no freedom of choice.

And what exactly are all these managers managing when the whole system is most likely pre-programmed?

It seems these corporations are nice, little clubs with fat-pay and cushy jobs.

And since when are there no restrictions as to how many workers they can hire and how high the pay scale can go?

Is it any wonder the Liberals are that low in the opinion poll? It seems no one is in charge.


Lance Felgnar

Pitt Meadows