Show some appreciation

Doesn't agree with a lot of the policies but does appreciate the dedication and sacrifices of politicians

Editor, The News:

Re: Not acting in the best interests of voters (Letters, Dec. 7).

Reading the rant by George Clarke’s critical analysis of all politicians, I haven’t seen such a negative letter in a long time.

Obviously, Mr. Clarke is not happy with life and his choices in life. But to take such a negative view of all politicians could only mean he really does not have any idea what politicians do. He fails to identify even one specific reason to be critical. Actually, his letter seems to be out of the 19th Century.

I do not agree with a lot of policies politicians  have made at all levels of government, but do appreciate the dedication and sacrifices they make for myself and others. Politicians do not gain personal wealth and more often lose a lot for their efforts. We need to show appreciation for their tireless efforts to make the world a better place, and appreciate that we have a political system that is so free of corruption that mars so many countries.

We need more successful people to step up and run for office. It is people like Mr. Clarke who can only bitterly criticize and discourage others from seeking public service.

I thank all those who are in office for doing a great job.

We need more people to praise politicians, not vent their anger because they disagree with some viewpoints.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge