Support not always there when needed

Editor, The News:

Re: Move to home care rankles seniors advocates (The News, June 8)

Thanks so much for publishing Robert Mangelsdorf’s piece about home care.

In the article, Mr.  Mangelsdorf shines a light on realities many of us prefer not to think about. We ignore the plight of these seniors at our own risk, however, since none of us are immune to the difficulties they face.

We know of a number of chronic health conditions which result in the sufferer being unable to function well in their own homes.

Conditions such as dementia slowly rob a person of the ability to look after a home and keep up their personal hygiene. Sadly, many of these conditions are incurable and progressive. People living alone without a supportive network of friends or family close at hand can sometimes be found in appalling conditions, as noted by the building manager of Maple Ridge Towers, Peter Church.

While keeping people in their homes as long as possible is a laudable goal, those who develop health conditions which impair their judgement will need a lot of support if they are to stay in their homes safely.

Clearly, this support is not always there when it is needed.

In a prosperous province such as ours, we need to make sure that our health care system is there for everybody if and when they need it.

Putting appropriate supports in place for those of us with the misfortune of having a condition such as dementia should be a no-brainer.

Elizabeth Rosenau

Maple Ridge