Tail is Tail is wagging the district dog

Re: A chill on Maple Ridge council (The News, June 26)

Editor, The News:

Who is running the show at Maple Ridge  municipal hall?

We elect representatives to ask questions, get answers and make informed decisions on our behalf. Now we have an elected councillor who is being chastised for doing exactly what we ask of her.

A salaried administrator is calling the shots, in fact actually demeaning elected representatives and our mayor sits back and sanctions these actions. What other councillors are accepting these conditions?

It appears that the tail is wagging the dog and the dog is terrified (with the certain exception of Coun. Bell).

The citizens of our great community need to start asking these questions of our council and start preparing for the next civic election.

In the meantime, I will be out looking for more Corisa Bells to run on the next ballot.

Gary J. Graham

Maple Ridge