Talking and doing

Disheartened resident willing to do what he can to defeat MP Randy Kamp in next election

Editor, The News:

Re: Closing safe house not option (Letters, Jan. 7).

The position of our elected representatives on homelessness and youth services is very disheartening.

Talking and doing are two entirely different things.

There is a lack of youth services in this area now and to see an asset like Iron Horse close is unbelievable.

MP Randy Kamp’s position is typical of the current federal government.  There is money for lakes, helicopter rides and military celebrations, but not for people in need or veterans.

I don’t know if the hostel is run on an efficient basis, but I’m sure it is more effective than most government operations.  If it is closed,

I will offer my services to defeat Mr. Kamp in the upcoming election.

Rod McIntyre

Maple Ridge