Tax shift designed to benefit society as a whole

Editor, The News:

Re: Stop with the throwing good money after bad (Letters, May 20).

I’d like to thank you for the free dinner I had this evening. You see, I had a wager with a friend that Wayne Clark would have one of his melancholic rants published again (as he seems to have every week).

The narcissistic tone of his letter today strikes me as both ignorant and rife with anti-HST propaganda.

The tax shift is designed to benefit our society as a whole.

Consequently, there will be winners and there will be losers.

Unfortunately, for the proletariat of British Columbia, it is the bourgeois who create employment, so the occasional tax break isn’t beyond reason.

I’m sorry, Mr. Clark, not everything is about you.

The reality is abundantly clear: without the HST, British Columbia becomes seven per cent more expensive to invest in.

Telus should book the moving trucks to take their non-location-specific operations back to Alberta; Shaw, you, too.

Nicholas Smith

Maple Ridge