Tear up insurance contract

Pitt Meadows mayor Don MacLean defends insurance contract

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt mayor defends insurance contract (The News, June 24).

It seems the little secret at Pitt Meadows municipal hall is out in the open now and the mayor and his high-ranking  director of finance and director of corporate services are claiming that, after all these years of buying municipal fleet insurance from their boss, they were not aware that they had to identify the fact they were buying from the mayor’s own insurance business.

Wow. These are people we pay with our tax dollars to run our city and they’re not aware of the charter?

Think again. The mayor himself has stated he has 21 years in  municipal politics and he does not know the charter?

Think again.

They claim it was done fairly by putting out to bidders, but Pitt Meadows municipal staff were the committee who picked the winning bidder. That’s fair, eh?

I think what should happen is they tear up the contract and have the insurance companies re-submit bids and have an independent firm chose the winner so there is now cloud of darkness over the winner.

I know for a fact these people understand the meaning of conflict of interest.

Robert Mckee

Pitt Meadows


Not an option

Editor, The News:

Re: Taking the fall (News Views, June 24).

I must commend you on your recent editorial regarding Pitt Meadows Mayor  Don MacLean’s insurance contract.

Laurie Darcus should not be the scapegoat.

Mayor MacLean has taken the oath of office many times in his career. He should know the content.

Pleading ignorance is not an option.

Furthermore, the attempts of some council members to trivialize this matter is appalling.

C.F. Morellato

Pitt Meadows


No excuse

Editor, The News:

Re: Taking the fall (News Views, June 24).

When I read the piece on Mayor Don MacLean’s involvement in breaking the charter rules, the words ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse’ ring loudly in my ears.

The utter arrogance of this man’s replies in his defense of the issue strongly reflect his tenure as mayor.

If anyone cares to watch the council meetings aired on TV, you will most likely agree. Very quick to slap down all who break the rules, he now misdirects and deflects all criticism of his misdealing.

He should have known and needs to do the honorable thing: give up the insurance contract immediately. We shall know very quickly just how honorable our honorable mayor is.

John McLean

Pitt Meadows


Thank you

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt mayor defends insurance contract (The News, June 24).

Council members, please take the high road and publicly apologize to Mayor Don MacLean regarding the insurance contract.

I am disappointed that, as council, you each did not check into who had the insurance contract. If I were on council, I would have checked, for sure.

I would also check on other council members who have businesses that may have a potential to be employed by the City of Pitt Meadows. All of you are responsible to check such matters.

As council and mayor, I also expect you to be familiar with the charter, especially in potential or perceived conflicts interest.

I am ashamed that this information came out at this time.

Mayor MacLean, I want to thank you for all your years of service and dedication to Pitt Meadows. I never agreed with you on many matters, nor did I always accept you at your word. But that is just who I am.

You, sir, have served Pitt Meadows brilliantly. Thank you.

Jo Vella

Pitt Meadows