Thieves are about, lock your doors

Four break-ins recently in the area

Editor, The News:

Today around 11 a.m., my house and my neighbour’s house got broken into by two guys. We live on 240th Street in the Cottonwood area in Maple Ridge.

They took several goods, including laptop computers, a flatscreen TV, cameras, jewelery and more. They broke both the front and back door of my neighbour’s house in order to get inside and broke through the back door of my home to get in. They turned both houses upside down looking for valuables and then they ran away.

The police arrived and took finger prints from the scene. They did a great job. When I asked them how often this happened in this area, he told me that yesterday the same thing happened in two houses close by.

I would like to tell my story to other people to increase+ awareness of these type of incidents.  Also, I would like to know what the police are doing to prevent these type of incidents.

Ignacio Miliani

Maple Ridge