Too much time, money on police and judges?

Editor, The News:I’m intrigued to read in on Saturday that the local detachment of the RCMP had decided to use a police dog and a helicopter to attempt to catch a couple of thieves. It turns out, after flying around Maple Ridge in hot pursuit of what is most likely a pair of perpetual perpetrators, with no chance of purposeful conviction, they decided they would probably have better luck if they put Rover on the ground. Meanwhile back in ‘Haney Harlem’, the pair of fleet footed ne’r do well were having a good laugh, as our judges were kept busy juggling the numerous cases that invariably end in slapping of wrists and giving out stern lectures. Now, I’m wondering, if they are wondering, if all those years of education were just a sick joke. I guess it pays well, and that must be enough consolation to carry onward and downward. This also leaves me wondering, is it not possible that we spend too much time and money on policing and judging? Are we using too much money trying to wipe up what shouldn’t be a mess in the first place? I always thought what goes in, determines what comes out the other end? Or were the first few years of my modest education a waste of time, as well.Grant BakerMaple Ridge